Content in Rulle and Asian gold

The organisers of the “Ruller Reitertage” did great again this year.

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It was a wonderful tournament once again. While in terms of sports all was not well for us this time - we always incurred this odd fault – we were still quite content. After all, this is the beginning of the indoor season and both horses and equestrians still have to get used to it.

And we are very proud of Abdullah Al Sharbatly. After the team silver medal, he now also won gold individually at the Asian Games in South Korea. Congratulations! Abdullah had been with us in the training camp during the summer, and from us he also bought his winning horse, the eleven-year-old stud Callahan. The Saudi Chef d´Equipe, Rogier van Iersel, was really thrilled: “Winning team silver and individual gold at the Asian Games is a great accomplishment for the Saudi equestrians, and not only for them but also for all those involved.” It is fun to have been one of those and contribute something to these Saudi successes.