What’s most important in our sport!

Somehow, things arent going quite so well for me right now.

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I think we all know such phases. Things simply don’t work as well as one would like them to. It is in times like these that we equestrians are even more aware of how dependent we are on the shape our horses are in. There can be no doubt that horses are and always will be what’s most important in our sport!

Last weekend, we attended the Paderborn tournament. I had only taken Caroline; Venus is not quite fit yet. Unfortunately, however, Caroline didn’t feel well on the Paderborn „Schützenplatz” and didn’t jump with quite her usual aplomb. A pity, really. Gert-Jan had more luck, fortunately. On Vita, he ranked fifth in the grand tour on Friday, and our eleven-year-old son of Marome, Vampire, did really great: sixth in the grand prix, with the second fastest time in the second round (how very typical of my fast Gert-Jan), but unfortunately incurring the famous bad-luck fault!