My heart belongs to Anita

We were in for a real shock recently, when our little Marlyse had a fall last Tuesday and then simply didn´t move her arm anymore.

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I immediately took her to the nearest hospital and when she saw the doctor  the arm was in full working again. What a relief!

Over the weekend, we had been at Sibculo. The weather was really, really bad; it was raining cats and dogs the whole time. Therefore, with Caroline and Connelly we only participated in one event. We had also taken Affäre and Alcantare for the small tour. Both are in really good shape. Unfortunately, Affäre incurred one fault in the jump-off, but our eight-year-old Canturo daughter Alcantara ranked second in the final. Great!

Then came my highlight of the week: we had taken some youngsters to Haaksbergen, a motley crew of horses. There were some goods rounds, some with faults incurred, and then Anita did her first L-event, incurring no fault in a great performance under Gert-Jan. I was really quite touched. My heart belongs to her. She has now been with us for five years and is the only daughter by my Abrisca. I´m still suffering from the shock I felt back then, when she turned blind in the midst of her career. She had done the grand prix on the Sunday and on the following Tuesday was blind in one eye. A brain tumour was the cause. We tried to transfer an embryo from Abrisca three times, but that worked only once. Six months after the embryo developed in the surrogate mother, Abrisca died. But Anita looks and jumps like Abrisca. It is really huge fun to see her grow up!