Good sports, early love

Münster is always a very nice tournament with a wonderful atmosphere.

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In terms of sports, it was also good for us, but then there is always a “but”... Both Gert-Jan and Vampire and Venus and I in the grand prix all incurred this totally needless fault. Bad luck indeed. But it was fun to do a grand prix again, and Venus jumped really well. That was a real pleasure. It was quite the same with Qudo. He was in really good shape, but in the jump-off of the youngster final he knocked down the last rail.

So all our horses jumped very well, but we weren´t lucky enough. Sometimes, you simply need that in sports.

For Marlyse, the weekend was also very exciting. She encountered her first admirer. Luca is 14 months old, almost 2 months older than Marlyse, and mighty in love. He was always following her and wanted to kiss her. “Tis early practice only makes the master.”