So – so…

Last weekend was so - so, … and very, very wet!

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We had gone to Nörten-Hardenberg and for Gert-Jan nothing really worked out all right. Vampire and Umeunig incurred faults and for Cash Junior it was the first tournament since Lanaken. To be sure, every arena is different, especially, perhaps, the Hardenberg-Arena at the bottom of the castle, and somehow Cash was impressed and looked around a lot. For me, it wasn´t even that bad, but in one loop it was a close enough thing for me as well.

On the Saturday, Ulke and I had to start more or less at the beginning of the championship of Nörten-Hardenberg – and that was good. Ulke jumped very well, but incurred one silly fault. I know, all faults are silly, but this one especially so. She jumped very high over a steep obstacle and then opened her forehand too early and right above it. That was the mistake. One hour later, it was Gert-Jan´s turn and it was just incredible. It was raining cats and dogs during his performance. He had even been inclined to abandon the event. In the end, he tried but then stopped after the fourth jump. It was simply unbelievable. The water was already coming out over the rim of his boots. Can you imagine that? And, needless to say, Gert-Jan and the horse also couldn´t see anything.

So on the Sunday Gert-Jan took a nice breakfast. After all, he hadn´ been able to qualify for the grand prix. But then the call came: all the equestrians were allowed to take part in the grand prix. That was fair indeed. So Gert-Jan saddled Vampire once again. But in the grand prix we also both incurred a fault each. What a pity!

The weekend´s sporty highlight was Umeunig on the Saturday morning, when our eight-year-old son of Untouchable showed a jolly good performance and got a ribbon. We were totally happy.

So last weekend we were a bit unlucky. But now we get going again. Gert-Jan will attend the Hamburg event and then we will have Whitsun, when I will go to Wiesbaden and Gert-Jan to Shanghai.