Gert-Jan Bruggink


Born: March 17, 1981
Residence: De Lutte
Job: professional rider and instructor, architect

Gert-Jan- in person

There are three things a show jumper needs: A good horse, control and equestrian knowledge combined with a true feeling for the horse. Only then he/she has a chance of being successful. For years now I have been training horses and it always has come down to these three basic principles. Having a good horse is not enough, one needs control and has to think, otherwise one cannot jump from one to jump two. With ten years I got my first horse. Papillon was four or five years old when she came to me. In 1996 she and I won third place at the Dutch Junior Championship and a year later we were part of the silver winning EM-junior team. I have always trained horses, that’s my thing. Actually, I could have stopped riding at the age of 23. I had achieved everything. Together with Joel I participated at the age of 21 in the 2002 World Equestrian Games. Thereafter I took part at the 2003 European Championship and the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. In that same year I managed to finish my studies in architecture and considered adding another degree in business to my first one but discarded this plan very quickly after being exposed to the experience of the Olympic Games. As a result I got sucked in deeper than before into the equestrian sport.

My plan was to ride until I turned 30 and then to work as an architect. But everything changed again when I got to know Pia-Luise from Germany in 2004, who gave my life a new direction. Although we weren’t always of the same opinion we still had shared the idea and passion for buying and training young horses. The idea of an own facility grew slowly and now we enjoy our Stal Het Oosterbrook in De Lutte.

My parents were already passionate horse lovers and my father Jos had started breeding by himself just for fun. Professionally he produced furniture and provided interior decoration. We have a barn and a small indoor riding arena at my parents house and as a young boy I remember being very proud when I was allowed to drive the tractor. In this way I found Joel. I was ten and begged my father that I could drive the tractor with the trailer to the paddock from where we wanted to bring a pregnant mare back home. As I arrived approximately 500 meters from the distant paddock, I saw a small bundle lying on the ground that got up and began running around. Seeing this I was totally mesmerized and in my excitement I completely forgot that I had the tractor with me and ran as fast as my legs could carry me back home. I shouted: “Father, father, the foal is there!”. Quietly my father replied “that’s good” while pouring a cup of coffee. The foal was Joel! Joel was a milestone in my equestrian career. With him one highlight followed another. Our success story started in 1998, when Joel was just seven years old, by winning the junior EM-team gold. In 1999 at the EM we brought two fourth places back home. Followed by two silver medals at the Young Riders in the year 2000 and a team bronze and individual gold medal in 2001. That was absolutely amazing! Our success didn’t end here but continued with the seniors. Although I was a young rider at the age of 21, I still was part of the Dutch team at the World Equestrian Games 2002 in Jerez and the European Championships in Donaueschingen in 2003 and Athens in 2004. The best part was though that I experienced all of this together with Joel!

In 2006 we sent Joel in retirement and as a result I fell into a deep hole. I no longer had a top rated horse and as a result my motivation to compete at major tournaments became less. Also, as a professional rider, one has to make sacrifices. While friends celebrated parties at home during weekends, one is mostly on the road. This was and is not always easy but it is the life that I chose and I would not hesitate to do it again. In the footesteps of Joel followed Primeval Wings. With him I had great success although we didn’t participate in national cups or championships. In the meanwhile I have again some very good and exceptionally well trained horses in my stable, for example: Andrea, Cash Junior and of course Primeval Dejavu, with whom I became the Dutch champion in 2013. Even though I a full-hearted equestrian athlete my life changed with the birth of my daughter Marlyse on the 15th of July 2013. I can say now that I am completely satisfied with my life. If I had one tiny wish it would be a cozy evening together with Pia-Luise in our living room on the couch. This happens all too rarely. Still there is one more thing I can think of: I wish I could find again a little foal on a meadow and that this foal would turn in ten years time into the best horse in my stable 


Winning RoadCSI*** Frankfurt(GER)12. (Connelly 2)
Grand Prix Table ACSI**** Salzburg(AUT)13. (Connelly 2)
Grand Prix Table ACSI**** Salzburg(AUT)6. (Chanyon)
Table ACSI**** Salzburg(AUT)5. (MCB Ulke)
Table ACSI**** Salzburg(AUT)7. (MCB Ulke)
Grand Prix Table ACSI** Oldenburg(GER)18. (MCB Ulke)
Grand Prix Table ACSI*** Rouen(FRA)5. (Connelly 2)
Table ACSI*** Rouen(FRA)2. (MCB Ulke)
Grand Prix Table ACSI*** Liège(FRA)7. (Vampire)
Table ACSI*** Liège(FRA)2. (Vampire)
Two PhasesCSI*** Liège(FRA)13. (Vampire)
Two PhasesCSI*** Liège(FRA)8. (Connelly 2)
Table ACSI*** Odense(DK)1. (Vampire)
Stal Mulkhoeve PrixCSI** Asten(NED)6. (Chanyon)
Zinc Management Speed Horse of the YearCSI*** Birmingham(UK)9. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
Leading Show Jumper of the YearCSI*** Birmingham(UK)13. (Vampire)
Irish Horse Gateway International Show JumpingCSI*** Birmingham(UK)6. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
JMA Agricultural Parts TrophyCSI*** Birmingham(UK)10. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
NAEC Stoneleigh StakesCSI*** Birmingham(UK)8. (Vampire)
ReadySupp CupCSI*** Birmingham(UK)8. (Vampire)
Stal Bakker & Frederiks PrixCSI** Mariënheem(NED)8. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
Stal de Sjiem PrixCSI** Mariënheem(NED)4. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
Stal de Sjiem PrixCSI** Mariënheem(NED)4. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
Table ACSI*** Donaueschingen(GER)2. (Casparo 26)
Table ACSI*** Donaueschingen(GER)6. (Casparo 26)
Grand Prix Table ACSI***** Brussels(BEL)20. (Connelly 2)
Table ACSI***** Brussels(BEL)5. (Vampire)
Table ACSI***** Brussels(BEL)6. (Vampire)
Table ACSI***** Brussels(BEL)7. (Connelly 2)
SpecialCSI*** Beervelde(BEL)3. (Connelly 2)
6-Grand Prix de la Ville de DinardCSI***** Dinard(FRA)16. (Connelly 2)
4-Prix du Conseil Regional de BretagneCSI***** Dinard(FRA)5. (Vampire)
2 - Prix du Conseil DepartementalCSI***** Dinard(FRA)9. (Vampire)
Table ACSI*** Gross Viegeln(GER)8. (Vampire)
Two RoundsCSI*** Gross Viegeln(GER)12. (Vampire)
Table ACSI*** Gross Viegeln(GER)3. (MCB Ulke)
Two PhasesCSI*** Gross Viegeln(GER)1. (MCB Ulke)
Table ACSI*** Gross Viegeln(GER)12. (MCB Ulke)
S9 - Rabobank Championship of RotterdamCSIO*****-NC EUD1 Rotterdam(NED)6. (Vampire)
S3 - CHIO Port Club Rotterdam prijsCSIO*****-NC EUD1 Rotterdam(NED)7. (Connelly 2)
Two PhasesCSI***** Villach, Treffen(AUT)4. (Connelly 2)
Grand Prix Table ACSI***** Villach, Treffen(AUT)13. (Vampire)
Table ACSI***** Villach, Treffen(AUT)13. (MCB Ulke)
AccumulatorCSI***** Villach, Treffen(AUT)3. (Connelly 2)
Two RoundsCSI***** Villach, Treffen(AUT)5. (Vampire)
Grand Prix Table ACSI*** Nörten-Hardenberg(GER)8. (MCB Ulke)
AccumulatorCSI**** Wiesbaden(GER)5. (Connelly 2)
Grand Prix Two PhasesCSI**** Wiesbaden(GER)7. (Vampire)
Two PhasesCSI**** Wiesbaden(GER)1. (Connelly 2)
Table ACSI**** Wiesbaden(GER)8. (Chiricco 2)
Grand Prix Table ACSI*** Mannheim(GER)3. (Vampire)
Grand Prix Table ACSI*** Lanaken(BEL)1. (Vampire)
Table ACSI*** Lanaken(BEL)3. (Vampire)
Grand Prix Two RoundsCSI*** San Giovanni Marignano(ITA)18. (Connelly 2)
Two RoundsCSI*** San Giovanni Marignano(ITA)4. (Connelly 2)
Jheronimus Bosch PrizeCSI***** 's-Hertogenbosch(NED)8. (Connelly 2)
Rolex Grand PrizeCSI***** 's-Hertogenbosch(NED)8. (Vampire)
Audi PrizeCSI***** 's-Hertogenbosch(NED)40. (Vampire)
Competition 4CSI***** 's-Hertogenbosch(NED)14. (Connelly 2)
VDL Groep PrizeCSI***** 's-Hertogenbosch(NED)6. (Vampire)
Grand PRix Table ACSI*** Neumünster(GER)2. (Vampire)
Table ACSI*** Neumünster(GER)2. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
Grand Prix Table ACSI**** Braunschweig(GER)13. (Vampire)
Table ACSI**** Braunschweig(GER)6. (Vampire)
Table ACSI**** Braunschweig(GER)9. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
Table ACSI*** Villach, Treffen(AUT)1. (MCB Ulke)
Two RoundsCSI*** Villach, Treffen(AUT)8. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
Table ACSI*****-W Leipzig(GER)3. (Vampire)
Table ACSI*****-W Leipzig(GER)3. (MCB Ulke)
Grand Prix Table ACSI*** Frankfurt(GER)14. (Vampire)
Winning RoundCSI*** Frankfurt(GER)8. (Vampire)
World Cup Table ACSI***-W Poznan, MTP(POL)13. (MCB Ulke)
Table ACSI***-W Poznan, MTP(POL)3. (MCB Ulke)
Two PhasesCSI***-W Poznan, MTP(POL)6. (Kashmira 2)
Table ACSI***-W Poznan, MTP(POL)10. (MCB Ulke)
Table ACSI**** Salzburg(AUT)1. (MCB Ulke)
Table ACSI**** Salzburg(AUT)7. (Vampire)
Grand Prix Table ACSI** Oldenburg(GER)1. (Vampire)
Table ACSIYH* Oldenburg(GER)1. (Casparo 26)
Table ACSI** Oldenburg(GER)1. (Vampire)
Table ACSIYH* Oldenburg(GER)4. (Casparo 26)
Grand Prix Two RoundsCSI*** München(GER)12. (MCB Ulke)
Two PhasesCSIYH* incl. 8yo(GER)5. (Casparo 26)
Table ACSI*** München(GER)3. (MCB Ulke)
Table ACSI*** München(GER)4. (Vampire)
Table ACSIYH* incl. 8yo München(GER)5. (Casparo 26)
Grand Prix Table ACSI*** Maastricht(NED)10. (Vampire)
Table CCSI*** Odense(DK)1. (Vampire)
Table ACSI* Odense(DK)5. (Kashmira 2)
Two PhasesCSI* Odense(DK)3. (Kashmira 2)
Table ACSI*** Odense(DK)5. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
Two PhasesCSI*** Odense(DK)2. (Vampire)
Table ACSIYH* incl. 8yo Kiel(GER)1. (Cindy 1020)
Grand Prix Two Rounds - 2 rs T A, 1st atc, 2nd atc, pts are aggregated, jump-off atc (Grand Prix)CSI**** Samorin(SLO)14. (MCB Ulke)
Derby - Derby : atc without jump-offCSI**** Samorin(SLO)3. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
Table A - T A, one round atcCSI**** Samorin(SLO)1. (MCB Ulke)
Table A - T A, one round atcCSI**** Samorin(SLO)7. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
RelayCSI**** Samorin(SLO)4. (Camaro)
Table ACSI*** Donaueschingen(GER)3. (Vampire)
Grand Prix Two RoundsCSI*** Paderborn(GER)5. (MCB Ulke)
Two PhasesCSI*** Paderborn(GER)11. (Vampire)
Table ACSIYH* incl. 8yo Paderborn(GER)6. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
Table ACSIYH* incl. 8yo Paderborn(GER)7. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
Grand Prix Table ACSI***** Villach, Treffen(AUT)5. (MCB Ulke)
Table ACSI***** Villach, Treffen(AUT)3. (MCB Ulke)
Two PhasesCSIYH* incl. 8yo Villach, Treffen(AUT)9. (Casparo 26)
Table ACSI***** Villach, Treffen(AUT)13. (MCB Ulke)
Two PhasesCSI*** Beervelde(NED)6. (Vampire)
Table ACSI*** Beervelde(NED)2. (MCB Ulke)
Grand Prix Table A - T A, one round atc with one jump-off atc (Grand Prix)CSI*** Olympic Qualifier Group C Samorin(SLO)10. (MCB Ulke)
Table A - T A, one round atc with one jump-off atcCSI*** Olympic Qualifier Group C Samorin(SLO)7. (Qudo S)
Table A - T A, one round atcCSI*** Olympic Qualifier Group C Samorin(SLO)1. (MCB Ulke)
Table A - T A, one round atcCSI*** Olympic Qualifier Group C Samorin(SLO)9. (Qudo S)
Table A - T A, one round atcCSI*** Olympic Qualifier Group C Samorin(SLO)6. (Dakota V Schuttershof)
Table A - T A, one round atcCSI*** Olympic Qualifier Group C Samorin(SLO)13. (MCB Ulke)
Table A - T A, one round atcCSI*** Olympic Qualifier Group C Samorin(SLO)12. (Qudo S)
Table ACSI*** Lamprechtshausen(AUT)8. (MCB Ulke)
Final Diamond tour - GASTON GLOCK's Grand PrixCSI**** Ebreichsdorf(AUT)1. (MCB Ulke)
Final Gold Tour - Preis vom Gestüt RömerhofCSI**** Ebreichsdorf(AUT)1. (MCB Ulke)
Diamond Tour - Preis von TRUSTCSI**** Ebreichsdorf(AUT)3. (Anderson VDL)
Ep13 - CSIO5* - Prix Groupe Lucien Barrière - Diane Barrière DesseigneCSIO*****-NC EUD1 La Baule(FRA)4. (MCB Ulke)
Ep15 - CSIO5* - Prix RMCCSIO*****-NC EUD1 La Baule(FRA)34. (Connelly 2)
Ep8 - CSIO5* - Prix GénéraliCSIO*****-NC EUD1 La Baule(FRA)11. (Connelly 2)
Ep9 - CSIO5* - Coupe des Nations Furusiyya FEI présentée par LonginesCSIO*****-NC EUD1 La Baule(FRA)8. (MCB Ulke)
Ep5 - CSIO5* - Prix Conseil Général de Loire AtlantiqueCSIO*****-NC EUD1 La Baule(FRA)8. (MCB Ulke)
Table ACSI*** Nörten-Hardenberg(GER)1. (Vita 24)
Table ACSI*** Mannheim(GER)2. (MCB Ulke)
Table ACSI*** Mannheim(GER)6. (Vita 24)
Table ACSI*** Lanaken(BEL)4. (MCB Ulke)
Grand Prix Table ACSI*** Lanaken(BEL)1. (Vampire)
Grand Prix Two RoundsCSI**** Vilamoura(POR)7. (Connelly 2)
Table ACSI*** Vilamoura(POR)1. (Vita 24)
Table ACSI*** Vilamoura(POR)9. (Vita 24)
Gemeente ’s-Hertogenbosch PrijsCSI***** ’s-Hertogenbosch(NED)8. (Primeval What Exclusive)
Bradants Dagblad PrijsCSI***** ’s-Hertogenbosch(NED)5. (Cash Junior)
Grand Prix Table ACSI*** Dortmund(GER)10. (Vampire)
Table ACSI*** Dortmund(GER)6. (Vampire)
Table ACSI*** Dortmund(GER)6. (Cash Junior)
Table ACSI*** Graz(AUT)5. (Vampire)
Table ACSI*** Graz(AUT)6. (Connelly 2)
Table ACSI*** Neumünster(GER)9. (Vita 24)
Winning RoundCSI*** Neumünster(GER)3. (Vampire)
Grand Prix Table ACSI*** Villach, Treffen(AUT)8. (MCB Ulke)
Two PhasesCSI*** Villach, Treffen(AUT)4. (Connelly 2)
Rikkert Totaalafbouw PrijsCSI*** Drachten(NED)3. (Connelly 2)
Grand Prix Table A CSI**** Salzburg (AUT) 2. (MCB Ulke)
Table A CSI**** Salzburg (AUT) 2. (Primeval What Exclusive)
Table A CSI**** Salzburg (AUT) 11. (MCB Ulke)
Table A CSI**** Salzburg (AUT) 3. (Primeval What Exclusive)
Table A CSI**** Salzburg (AUT) 8. (MCB Ulke)
Arink Mercedes Groenlo Prijs CSI** Lichtenvoorde (NED) 3. (MCB Ulke)
ICNN Drachten Prijs CSI* Lichtenvoorde (NED) 6. (Chiricco 2)
Table A CSI*** Maastricht (NED) 2. (MCB Ulke)
1,45-Meter-Springen CSI*** Drachten (NED) 1. (Cash Junior)
1,60-Meter-Springen CSI**** Amsterdam (NED) 2. (Primeval Dejavu)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Neumünster (GER) 1. (Cash Junior)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Lanaken (BEL) 4. (Cash Junior)
Großer Preis CSI** Balve (GER) 3. (Vampire)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI**** Fontainebleau (FRA) 3. (Vampire)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Geesteren (NED) 1. (Vita)
1,45-Meter-Springen CSI*** Geesteren (NED) 1. (Cash Junior)
1,55-Meter-Springen CSI***** Estoril (POR) 2. (Vampire)
1,50-1,45-Meter-Zwei-Phasen CSI***** Valkenswaard (NED) 2. (Vita)
1,50-Meter-Zwei-Phasen CSI***** Valkenswaard (NED) 2. Platz (Vita)
Holländische Meisterschaft  (NED) 1. (Primeval Dejavu)
1,45-Meter-Springen CSI*** Drachten(NED) 1. (Cash Junior)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI**** Amsterdam (NED) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI**** Amsterdam(NED) 2. (Cash Junior)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI**** Amsterdam (NED) 2. (Primeval Dejavu)
Bester Reiter des CSI Jumping Amsterdam (NED)  
1,45-Meter-Springen CSI*** Villach (AUT) 1. (Cash Junior)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Neumünster (GER) 2. (Cash Junior)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Dortmund (GER) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI**** Braunschweig (GER) 3. (Venus)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Mannheim (GER) 3. (Andrea)
1,55-Meter-Springen CSI*** Mannheim (GER) 3. (Primeval Dejavu)
1,45-Meter-Gruppenspringen CSI*** München (GER) 2. (Andrea)
1,45-Meter-Springen CSI** Balve (GER) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Pforzheim (GER) 1. (Cash Junior)
1,55-Meter-Springen CSI***** Rotterdam (NED) 4. (Primeval Dejavu)
1,55-Meter-Springen CSI***** Rotterdam (NED) 1. Platz (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Geesteren (NED) 2. (Primeval Dejavu)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Münster (GER) 3. (Primeval Dejavu)
Nationenpreis-Springen CSI***** Dublin (IRL) 2. (Primeval Dejavu)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI***** Gijon (ESP) 2. (MCB Ulke)
Nationenpreis-Springen CSI***** Gijon (ESP) 1. (Primeval Dejavu)
Großer Preis CSI**** Donaueschingen (GER) 1. (MCB Ulke)
1,45-Meter-Zwei-Phasen CSI** Vilamoura (POR) 2. (Cash Junior)
Großer Preis CSI** Vilamoura (POR) 3. (Vampire)
1,45-Meter-Zwei-Phasen CSI*** Hannover (GER) 2. (Andrea)
1,60-Meter-Zwei-Phasen CSI*** Hannover (GER) 1. (Primeval Dejavu)
1,45-Meter-Springen CSI** Oldenburg (GER) 1. (Andrea)
Großer Preis CSI** Oldenburg (GER) 1. (Andrea)
Großer Preis CSI*** Maastricht (NED) 3. (Primeval Dejavu)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI**** Salzburg (AUT) 1. (Andrea)
1,45-Meter-Springen CSI**** Salzburg (AUT) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Frankfurt (GER) 3. (Vampire)
1,45-Meter-Springen CSI*** Frankfurt (GER) 1. (Vampire)
1,55-Meter-Springen CSI*** Frankfurt (GER) 1. (Primeval Dejavu)
Großer Preis CSI***** Wien(AUT) 4. (Andrea)
Großer Preis CSI*** Kiel (GER) 1. (Cash Junior)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Kiel(GER) 1. (Andrea)
Großer PreisIsterberg(GER) 1. (Primeval Dejavu)
Holländische MeisterschaftTweede(NED)Vizetitel (Primeval Wings)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI***** Madrid(ESP) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Zwei-Phasen CSI***** Madrid (ESP) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Hachenburg (GER) 1. (Cash Junior)
1,55-Meter-Springen CSI**** Salzburg (AUT) 3. (Primeval Dejavu)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Frankfurt (GER) 2. (Andrea)
Großer Preis CSI*** Kiel(GER) 1. (Primeval Wings)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Kiel(GER) 2. (Primeval Wings)
Großer Preis CSI*** Vichy (FRA) 1. (Primeval Wings)
Großer Preis CSI*** Bremen(GER) 1. (Cash Junior)
1,55-Meter-Springen CSI*** Dortmund (GER) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Neumünster (GER) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Nörten-Hardenberg (GER) 2. (Andrea)
1,45-Meter-Springen CSI**** Frankfurt(GER) 2. (Cash Junior)
1,45-Meter-Springen CSI**** Amsterdam (NED) 2. (Andrea)
Championat CSI**** Frankfurt (GER) 1. (Andrea)
Championat CSI**** Bremen (GER) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Hagen(GER) 2. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Eindhoven (NED) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI**** Balve(GER) 2. (Cash Junior)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI**** Geesteren (NED) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Beervelde (BEL) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI*** Kiel(GER) 1. (Andrea)
1,50-Meter-Springen CSI**** Maastricht (NED) 1. (Andrea)
1,55-Meter-Springen CSI**** Salzburg (AUT) 2. (Andrea)
Olympische Spiele in Athen   4. mit der Mannschaft (Joel)
Holländische Meisterschaft Sieg (Joel)
Europa-Meisterschaft Junge Reiter  Sieg (Joel)